CLassroom ENVIRONMENT 3 (ce3)



The Classroom Environment 3, CE3  groups mix in a student to teacher ratio of 4:1 or 8:2 and the amount of time spent in group activities is increased within a more vocational focused group.  CE3 is a vocational training program that provides individuals 18 and older with real work experiences while teaching basic employment skills. The program is designed to teach independence and communication while matching individual strengths with vocational settings that are selected based on individuals affinities, abilities, and work readiness.

Individuals entering CE3 begin with a discovery process to determine appropriate support and job options. Vocational instruction, social thinking, occupational therapeutic consultation and self-advocacy skill building, as related to the work environment, occur at NHA and at specific work sites. 

School Hours:  9:30 AM - 2:30 PM


The aim of CE3 is to assist students to learn specific skills that will allow them to enter the workplace.  This program is available for young adults with developmental disabilities and those affected by autism who are in the labor market looking for gainful employment.  CE3 offers pre-vocational training aimed at giving students real work experience.  The focus of CE3 is to encourage individuals to aspire gainful employment.


  • Show a willingness to aspire gainful employment
  • Possess the ability to work without supervision for short periods of time
  • Have basic communication ability
  • Be eligible for CE3 Community Pre-Vocational services
  • Possess the ability to learn social grooming and have basic hygiene skills
  • Be able to eat and use the toilet independently
  • Follow 1-2 step safety procedures


The VIDA (Vocational for Independence and Developmental Ability) program is a part/full time student work placement where NHA staff will internship, supervise and manage the student during work placement.  Acceptance and duration of this program is discussed on an individual case.  Please visit the VIDA tab under programs for more information or contact our academic director at