Classroom ENVIRONMENT 1 (CE1)




The groups are based on goals and capabilities, and age.

Classroom Environment 1, CE1 takes those students who are able to participate 4:1 ratio classroom. Many of these students are still working on developmental goals and have at minimum of early elementary level of curriculum understanding. They still have one-to-one teacher-student interaction during school time, but benefit from being in a group with other students and teachers, although social interactions may require prompting and modeling. An average of student age accepted in CE1 is (8-14) years old.  All curriculum is based on Georgia Core Curriculum Standards.  In this setting students will benefit from a rotation style of teaching.  Students will participate in a subject rotation every 20-30 minutes instruction intervals. This method emphasizes and targets individual deficit during 1:1 direct instruction, independent work and computerized program targeting skills to ensure mastering level within the core subjects.  Social studies and Science will be held in a assembly instruction for peer modeling purposes.     

School Hours:  9:30 AM - 2:30 PM


The importance of social-emotional learning is deeply rooted in our mission and core values at New Heights Academy. In every classroom, the foundation for learning is a warm, inclusive community, and strong, caring relationships between children and teachers. Every child with autism, just like every child, has an emotional life and experiences a widening range of emotions as they develop. Social learning occurs throughout various settings in a child’s school day. This is where children develop their sense of autonomy and their independent voice, even as they develop the values, rules and responsibilities of citizenship in a community. Students will actively engage their bodies and minds – they negotiate roles, flex their imaginations, experience conflict and peacemaking, cooperate for a common goal, work as a team, share materials, forge friendships, assert their feelings and rebound from disappointments. 


At NHA, we use the latest technology to advance the school’s mission, providing our faculty with the technological tools they need to enhance their teaching while making it easier for our students to learn. The educational technology curriculum encourages our students to meet challenges with logic and creativity using a variety of technologies. Teachers work with Smart Boards to incorporate technology in their classrooms at the appropriate instructional level for each student.  We also have a computer lab  that every child has access to for stimulating and relevant lessons.  Teachers and students use iPads/Laptops and AAC devices during academic instruction, creating a unique learning experience for each student. We believe that technology is a vital tool in the educational process. NHA is equipped with technology which helps bridge learning difficulties, boosts creativity, and makes learning exciting! 


NHA Visual Arts Program develops self-confidence, brings out creativity, and promotes higher-level thinking in all of our students.  

The goal of Music Education at NHA is to learn music through experiencing music. Students learn critical musical concepts while singing, dancing, and playing. The program is designed to be stimulating, challenging, engaging and rewarding. 


Regular, Healthful Physical Activity: Provides a wide-range of developmentally appropriate activities for all children. At NHA we keep moving with our indoor sensory room and weekly outings to local parks and recreational  facilities.