VIDA (Vocational for Independence and Developmental Ability)


The program equips individuals with the skills required for accessing and maintaining gainful employment through pre-training that prepares them for vocational training.


All students in the VIDA program will report to NHA and they will be transported to and from their workplace by NHA staff.  


During the duration of the internship, vocational training outside of NHA, a staff member will be available to assist and train VIDA students.


The VIDA program requires 4-5 hours a day based of individual needs.  For cost and additional information of this program please contact  NOW/COMP waiver may be used for the cost of this program.  Other community scholarships may help with the cost.  


At NHA we have partnered with different organizations where our students will use their talents, skills and passion.  Vocational environment include grocery stores, plant nurseries, back office, and retail to name a few.


When internship and vocational training is completed and our graduate performs continued success within the work placement, NHA encourages all of our affiliate employers to invest in our students with permanent employment.  

NHA will help all our VIDA graduates to complete a competitive resume with earned letters of recommendations and work experience.