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 At New Heights Academy we measure success by the accumulation of small gains repeated daily. These small gains improve the quality of life of our students and their families. By developing essential skills, knowledge, and work experience in a safe environment, our students will be granted the opportunity to reach their highest potential socially, emotionally, and academically. We aspire for all our students to have a sense of belonging in mainstream education and community environments. 

Meet the founder



 NHA, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) private school with a clear and committed promise.

"Believe all are capable of growth and success transpires" 

-V. Gesualdi, M.Ed.


Vivian Gesualdi, M.Ed. is a mom, a Georgia certified teacher and an advocate of special needs children.  After having the opportunity of teaching in the public and private school setting, I felt there was a need for a unique environment that included the resources of the public setting and the devotion  that private schools offer.  I have been helping special needs families with their needs in education, advocating for necessary treatment and volunteering in our community since my arrival in Georgia in 2007.    As a mother and special needs educator I have overcome many hurdles with my son and have reached many goals that were once told by experts would never happen.  My mission in life is to prove to all that my son and all my students have potential, and are capable of growth and success.


Vivian Gesualdi, M.Ed. - President, Executive Director

Louis F. Gesualdi, M.Acc - CFO, Secretary & Treasurer


Lead Teacher :  Vivian Gesualdi, M.Ed.